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Friday, February 26, 2016

Truth Established

Truth wears well. Time tests it, but it endures the trial very well.

If then, I have spoken the truth and have for the present to suffer for it, I must be content to wait.

If also I believe the truth of God and endeavor to declare it, I may meet with much opposition, but I need not fear, for ultimately the truth must prevail.

What a poor thing is the temporary triumph of falsehood! “a lying tongue is but for a moment!”

It is a mere gourd which comes up in a night and perishes in a night; and the greater its development the more obvious its decay.

On the other hand, how worthy of an immortal being is the affirmation and defense of that truth which can never change; the everlasting gospel, which is established in the immutable truth of an unchanging God!

An old proverb says, “He that speaks truth shames the devil.”

Certainly, he that speaks the truth of God will put to shame all the devils in hell and confound all the seed of the serpent which now hiss out their falsehoods.

Dear friend, take care that you are always on the side of truth, both in small things and great; but specially, on the side of Him by whom grace and truth have come among men!

~Charles Spurgeon~

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