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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The OBJECT Of Our LORD In Drinking This Cup.

The object of our LORD in drinking this cup, was that He might empty at one draught that cup of wrath, which His people must forever have been drinking-and yet never have exhausted!

O blessed Jesus, in Your wondrous love You have taken the poison that You may give to me the cup of salvation.

You have drained to the very dregs that cup in which was the curse due to my sin...that You may give to me the cup of blessing, of peace, of everlasting life.

To my lips, You now hold the cup which is full to the brim of everlasting consolation!

You give me Your Word so rich in promise and in hope.

You grant to me in overflowing abundance pardoning mercy which can cover all my iniquity.

You hold out to me the assurance that my strength shall be equal to my day, and that Your Spirit shall prepare me for Your presence in glory.

Oh, how can I thank You enough for all this love of Yours!

And now what is my cup of sorrow or suffering compared to Yours?

You, the sinless one...for me did drink the cup which was all bitterness.

I, the sinful one, have my cup of trial mingled with so many mercies, so many alleviations.

If I have pain and weariness to bear - have I not seasons of rest?

Have I not the aid of medicine, and skillful advice to promote my recovery or to lessen my sufferings?

Have I not those about me who love to minister to my needs? 

Have I not kind affection to be as a gleam of sunshine in the darkness?

Or at least have I not His presence with me, who has promised that He will be my Eternal refuge, and underneath shall be His everlasting arms?

And is it not a Father's hand that gives the cup?

And may I not thus know that love has prepared it?

Whom the LORD loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.

And surely I need it, as the draught of healing - to cure the deep-rooted maladies of my soul.

Is there no pride in me that needs to be subdued - that I may be as a little child, content to be led by a Father's hand?

Is there not too much readiness to hearken to the siren voice of man's praise, that needs to be cast out - that I may seek only the praise that comes from above?

Is there not too much carefulness as to this world's business and duties, that requires so to be brought under control, that I may realize continually that one thing is needful - to walk with God and to seek first His kingdom and righteousness?

Is there not too frequent forgetfulness of the Best Friend that must be so overcome that Jesus must be all my salvation and all my desire?

And what will teach me these precious lessons - if it is not the days of adversity and trial?

These cheerless and desolate days, these hours of bitter tears come not by chance - but are sent to us in divine faithfulness and love.

~George Everard~

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