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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Peril Of A Question~As To Fellowship

Introduce a question amongst the LORD'S people, and see what happens.

Introduce a question, get any kind of suspicion amongst believers of one another, a question about one another, doubts about one another, anything like that coming up. What is the end?

Well, to begin with, it is weakness, and it is a weakness that means that things are not safe, things cannot carry a weight, cannot take responsibility.

Something is going to break somewhere.

It is a question mark, it is weakness.

It is something bent, and from that point onward everything grows if it is allowed-weakness, doubts, fears, suspicions, separations, disintegration, the end, everything is nullified, and it all began with a question.

If we are going to have any questioning at all, let us question our questions and prove them.

If Christians today would be doing that where insinuations, suggestions, rumours, reports and what not are going about, if only Christians would question the questions, and say, ‘Look here, we have got to make sure about this, it sounds as plausible as the devil’s first question, it seems perfectly harmless, but let us make sure as to one another, and as to all concerned, nail that question.

If you have any reason to believe that that question being given place is going to lead to disintegration, the break-up of fellowship, nail it as from the devil, and have nothing to do with it. 

Oh, what a different history if only Eve had turned at once and said, ‘Yes, GOD has said, and that is the end of the whole matter.’ GOD said. Let us be like that.

It is not necessary to remind you of the tremendous emphasis in the New Testament upon certainty, assurance, standing fully assured, having confidence, “casting not away your confidence” (Heb. 10:35)

Oh, what a lot there is, and if you look again you will find that it all relates to this matter of power, authority over the enemy and his works, and in the doing of the work of GOD.

What a lot a question can lead to if it is not, as we say, nipped in the bud, challenged at once, if it is allowed a place.

The LORD make us such as are not prepared just to accept anything that the enemy likes to offer in the most beautiful garb without first of all wanting to know where it is going to lead to, what the result of it will be if we do accept it.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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