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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The LORD Wants Spiritual Power Recovered In His People For His Own Testimony's Sake.

We have not spoken much about power because so many today want to have power in order to be somebody great, to have power with men. 

The LORD has shown us that when flesh lays hold of power, the ultimate issue is very discreditable to GOD...

And there are all kinds of perils along that line, and flesh must not seek power for itself.

We are afraid of speaking about power. Yet we need it.

The enemy has got to yield.

With all the truth, teaching, light, knowledge, the enemy does not yield; there is not the power that carries through and puts the enemy out of action...

And if this is to be, we have to come to the place where we do not compromise with the flesh, the devil, or the world on the slightest matter...

Where we go on with the LORD fully, rejecting all our own argument which would give us a more favourable way.

Everything that rises up within and says that if you take that step it is going to bring you into collision with things...

Rob you of popularity, doors will be closed to you, you will come under suspicion, you will lose a lot of friends.

Immediately you listen to that, you have stopped, lost power, compromised.

The history is going to be very disappointing. 

We must give no consideration to the flesh, to ourselves, to man, to the world...

Because the enemy lies there waiting for a moment's compromise in order that he might rush in with something that is not true...

And destroy the whole purpose of GOD and set up a story like this which hits back at GOD, and brings loss and discredit upon Him.

The LORD give us to see that the one great inclusive secret of power is unhesitatingly, uncompromisingly, to go on in the obedience of faith to the fulness that is in Christ Jesus.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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