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Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Tears

You LORD Have Numbered And Recorded The Days Of Our Pilgrimage And Sojournings In This World And Taken Notice Of Our Afflictions And Troubles Which Have Caused So Many Tears And Remembered Them And Delivered Us Out Of Them. 

Our Tears And Afflictions Are In Your Book Of Purposes. They Are All Appointed By You Their Kind And Nature Their Measure And Duration Their Quality and Quantity What They Shall Be And How Long They Shall Last And Their End And Use They Are All In Your Book Of Providence And Are All Overruled And Caused To Work For Our Good

And They Are In Your Book Of Remembrance They Are Taken Notice Of And Numbered By You And They Shall Be Finished They Shall Not Exceed Their Bounds. These Tears Shall Be Turned Into Joy And You Will Wipe Them All Away From Our Eyes.

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