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Saturday, April 2, 2016

When The Simplicity Of Faith Is Gone

Once more, when the child-spirit dies, then the simplicity of faith is gone.

There is an exquisite purity about the faith of children; sometimes they make us blush...they trust us so.

Intensely eager, inquisitively curious; why? why? from sunrise, to sunset-but all the time how they are trusting us!

Ah, if we had only trusted God like that!

It is something to be trusted, if only by a helpless babe, and even God is happier when we trust Him.

But better than to be trusted, is to trust; to walk by faith and not by sight; and when the spirit of the child dies out, it is not possible to walk that way again.

For when we cease to be childlike we grow worldly, and to be worldly is always to be faithless;

And one great danger of this commercial city is to develop faithless, worldly men.

I have no doubt you call me an idle dreamer because I plead for the child-spirit in the city.

But it is better to be a dreamer than a coward, and woe is me if I preach not the Gospel.

Of such is the kingdom of heaven-minister!

Of such is the kingdom of heaven-merchant !

Of such is the kingdom of heaven-schoolmaster, doctor, workman, servant!

Are you of such?

It is not my question. I only pass it on from Jesus Christ!

~George Morrison~

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