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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Changed Conditions Of Eternity

A great philosopher has written in his books that we should view all things sub specie oeternitatis.

The boys who are learning Latin will tell us what that means: it means that we ought to consider things under the light, so to speak, of eternity.

Now, I feel that it was under that eternal light that Jesus was moving when He spoke this parable.

And why? Because we are told the beggar's name, but we are not told the name of the rich man.

When a great man gives a public banquet, the newspapers tell us all about it...

We get the names of the host and of all his guests, and we hear, too, how the ladies were dressed;

But we never dream of finding in the newspaper the names and addresses of the poor around the gates.

But when Jesus tells the story of this feasting, and tells it as it is written in the books of GOD, the beggar is named and a noble name he had - and the host is only "a certain rich man."

Here the one man is great and he is known; the other is a beggar and a nuisance.

Here the one man has everything he wants; the other lives and dies in want of everything.

But yonder, in the world beyond the grave, where the wrong is righted, and GOD'S strange ways are justified, Lazarus lies upon the bosom of peace, and the rich man bitterly reaps what he has sown.

Do you see the contrast between the now and then?

Do you mark the complete reversal of the lots?

It is by such unveiling's of eternity, that Christ has eased the problems of the world.

~George H. Morrison~

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