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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hindrances To Faith: Lack Of Consecration To GOD

4. Perhaps the greatest hindrance to faith is a lack of personal consecration to GOD. 
We are taught this in the twelfth of Hebrews, where, in order to look to Jesus as the "beginner and perfecter of our faith," we are to lay aside every weight and the easily besetting sin.
Just as long as there is defect in our consecration, there will be corresponding defects in our faith.
We can trust God only to the extent that we are given up to Him.
Your risk in a bank is up to the limit of your deposit. 
Consecration puts us right on believing ground. Consecration is cutting the shore lines, and faith is launching out into the deep. 
So the real question is, not why should I trust all to God, but why should I doubt anything of Him?
Have His promises ever broken down? Has He ever disappointed or deceived us?
True, He often tests our faith, but at the last moment, in the worst extremity, His train of infinite mercy and provision has arrived on schedule time, and the finale in many a psalm of life has been, "Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him."
~G. D. Watson~




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