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Friday, January 30, 2015

"The Day of Small Things?"

There is an unhealthy lust for big things amongst the Lord's people in these days.

Something to attract attention, to impress; a demonstration to capture, an appearance to impress. 

Big names, big places, big titles, big sounds, big movements, big sweeps! If the dimensions are big according to men's standards, the success is judged accordingly.

God has ever found it necessary to reduce in order to get and maintain what will preserve the recognition of wholly Divine factors. 

End-times are always days of small things. 

See the testimony in the Revelation; it is only represented by the few who "overcome."

Bigness is material or temporal. Greatness is spiritual and eternal. 

Too often men - even Christians - despise that in which God delights. 

The significance of things according to God is so often seen in an "upper room" over against the whole city, but the city succumbs to the upper room.

When dealing with the "world rulers of this darkness" the Lord has frequently made an upper-room His Throne-room. 

These seven eyes of Jehovah shall rejoice when they see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel. What is that? Well, the seven eyes symbolize the perfection of spiritual vision, taking in everything as it is.

The plummet is that by which crookedness is brought to light and made manifest.

When Jehovah sees the Lord Jesus with that instrument in His hand which so represents His own standard and mind that by it He can correct what is not so, and show the all-unsuspected leanings, angles, bulgings, and dangers of that which is related to His House; 

When He has that instrument by which He can make manifest how His House should be built according to Christ, then His perfect spiritual vision will rejoice and be satisfied.

This is what He needs. O, that we might be such to Him! It will cost! It will not be a popular ministry, but it will be precious to the Lord.

As we close it will be no little gain to note the names of the Lord in this chapter. The thing as in view is related to Jehovah - the Almighty. 

Eternally Self Sufficient One (verses 6, 10). The executing and sufficiency of the purpose is related to Jehovah-Sabaoth - the Lord of Hosts (verse 6). The place of the testimony is related to Adon-Master, or Lord (verse 14); that is, He who owns and has the rights of proprietorship. 

~T. Austin Sparks~

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