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Monday, August 18, 2014

Do You Have A Divided Heart?

Our whole being must be surrendered to the service of our Maker. 

We must come to him with an entire dedication of ourselves,
giving up all we are, and all we ever shall be, to be thoroughly devoted to his service, otherwise we have never come to God aright.

I am astonished to see how people in these days try to love the world and love Christ too! 

Do you fancy you can walk with God and walk with mammon too? 

Will you take God on one arm, and the devil on the other? 

Do you suppose you can be allowed to drink the cup of the
Lord, and the cup of Satan at the same time?

I tell you, you shall depart, as cursed and miserable hypocrites,
if you come to God with a divided heart.

God will have the whole of you come, or else you shall not come at all. 

The whole man must seek after the Lord; the whole soul must be poured out before him; otherwise it is no acceptable coming to God at all. 

Oh, halters between two opinions, remember this and tremble!

~Charles Spurgeon~

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