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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Paralysis Of A Questioning Mind

This is peculiarly the peril of the severely tried children of God, or the lurking danger in times and places of adversity. 

A doubt as to the love, the wisdom, the power, the faithfulness of God.

Few there be that pass through without at least the consciousness of this spectre, and not many have passed through deep waters and intense fires without a Godward "Why?" at least in their thought. "Why should it be me?" "Why should it always be me?"

The ruin of the race was resultant from the acceptance of an insinuation from Satan that God was after all not really favorable to the highest well-being of man;

That there was something He was keeping back, and suspicion of God has always been a master-stroke against the primary law of union with God — faith.

When this seed of doubt has been sown in the mind and allowed to remain it is not long before every phase of spiritual vitality is paralysed; prayer, fellowship, the Word, ministry, service, testimony; and God can do nothing with a doubter.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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