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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nature Of Light~As To Character~Fearlessness

Another thing about light is that it is absolutely fearless.

If the Holy Spirit is really there in this character, we are never afraid of something being discovered.

A good conscience, a clear conscience, is a wonderfully courageous thing. It is a very strong thing; it puts you in a very strong position.

Where there is light, and no darkness, nothing to be hidden and nothing that we do not want to be discovered or uncovered, there is no fear. 

There is a great strength of confidence and assurance.

Light is a fearless thing. If there is anything doubtful or questionable, anything about which we are not sure; if we have some question, if we are not sure whether our position is right or wrong: then we are always afraid, we are in the weakness of fear.

Darkness and fear always go together - it is like that naturally, is it not? - fear belongs to darkness. 

There can be no confidence, no strength, where there is darkness. 

This City, this people, at the end, is a strong city, "having a wall great and high" Rev. 21:12 it is the very embodiment of the idea of strength: but its strength lies in its character - in its purity, its light.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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