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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Paralysis Of A Divided Heart

Now, beloved, the trouble with a good many of us has been this divided heart. We are not sure, not absolutely sure about the Lord, about our own position, about the testimony that we are perhaps standing for and talking about; we are not sure about it, we have secret questionings. 

It does not matter what we say in public and to others about it, God knows the secret of our hearts, whether we are absolutely true in secret with Him over this matter.

And there is no way of victory, no way to ascendancy, no way through to the realization of the Divine end~a people to fulfill a priestly ministry in the universal sovereignty and kingdom of our God and His Christ UNTIL we are on the ground of an absolute undividedness of heart for God in the matter of His testimony. 

The challenge to our hearts is, Are we utterly in or are we only partly in? Half in three-quarters in? Is there some lurking fascination of Egypt? How Egypt had fascinated and held part of their hearts when they were in the wilderness!

Out here everything is uncertain; we never know from one day to another whether we are going to have our food! In Egypt there was at least certainty~we did know what our program was.We were sure that things would be pretty substantial, that while we had our work we got our food!

Out here you are forced to depend upon God, and that is a precarious business. Is it? God is more certain than Egypt. There are Christians who feel that this walk of faith is such an uncertain thing. You do not know what the Lord is going to bring you into next,what is going to happen to you. 

In the world you at least have solid ground under your feet. This flesh wants a basis of evidence for itself~solid earth. This heavenly life~you never know ah! but do you know the Heavenly ONE?

Let me ask you - Do you believe, beloved, that when, having committed yourself to God, having been consecrated to the Lord, having had an understanding with the Lord, and having been obedient to Him up to all the light He has given you, do you believe that when you get to the glory you will be able to say to the Lord: You let me be deceived, my life has been ruined, I have gone wrong? Is that possible?

I do not believe it! I believe that whatever the Accuser may try to bring upon us, and whatever others may say about us, if before God in the secret we are honest with Him, if we are cut off by the precious Blood from our own will, our own way, our own schemes, our life interest, and are putting our trust in Him and following the light that He gives, I believe that when we get there, beloved, we shall not have been deceived, but we shall have to say: Lord, You were good to our trust and You led us by a right way that we might come to a city of habitation! 

The Lord will accept a charge on His honor
when we are cut off from ourselves and from all personal and worldly interests, and are wholly for Him. 

~T. Austin Sparks~

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