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Thursday, April 26, 2012


This Song "Don't Wanna Change" Is A Warning To Repent And Turn. You Know... People May Think They Are Hiding Their Sin But The Eyes Of God See And Hear All. This Song Was Written By Johnny Whirlwind And Most Of His Songs Kinda Hit Ya Like A Whirlwind .But Isn't It Better To Have The Straight Talk Truth And Have Change Rather Than Sugar Coat Everything And Make People Comfortable In Their Sin? Where Is The Change Then? Do We Really Care If People Go To Hell Or Do We Care More About Ourselves And What People Are Gonna Think? Remember We Will All Give Account One Day Of What We Do In This Life. Lets Cry Out For The Boldness Of The Lion Of Judah, He Has Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear--And That Word Means Timidity.

Don't Be Deceived A Hypocrite A Faker is Not gonna enter into the Kingdom Of God.....Better Get The Real Deal And NOW Before It is TOO LATE!!!

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